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Sport less weight after giving birth

Get a large proportion of women (8 to 10%) after about ten days of birth type of depression, called the (post-natal depression) .. The explanation of the sudden relegation to the level of hormones after giving birth .. Where the proportion of estrogen rise during pregnancy, and this explains the improvement in mood and feeling of happiness to pregnant women from mid-pregnancy.

The develop depression during the first three months after birth and may continue for a year in half the cases, and in some cases, continue for about three years, which prevents the experience of motherhood sad adversely affect the marital relationship.

Sports more of the hormone of happiness
Consultants and stresses of Obstetrics and Gynecology, the sport helps to increase the happiness hormone secretion (endorphins), and are therefore useful for the treatment of postpartum depression (Post-Natal Depression), which affect the proportion of new mothers.

The symptoms of postpartum depression, anxiety, grief, fatigue, stress, fear, sleep disorders and insomnia.

It is a lot of research on the psychological benefits of exercise and a positive impact on feelings of depression, fatigue and tension.

Can be explained by the calming influence that it exercises help to expedite the disposal of the body of toxic substances, and can measure the reduction of anxiety by controlling the drop in blood pressure and heart palpitations and rapid breathing, secretion of hormones in the urine, namely (adrenaline and adrenaline-Nur).

The effects of sport on health
Of course, exercise helps to feel satisfied because of the long-term health effects, they (improve circulation, and strengthens the heart, lungs, bones and muscles, control blood pressure, body fat, blood sugar, helps digestion and eliminate constipation).

They also improve the external appearance of the body and provide him with proper form, flexibility and stamina, all of this works to raise the morale of the woman.

It is recommended in the first weeks after birth light exercises to flatten abdominal muscles to regain the internal strength, and walking around the house or garden, helping to move the blood circulation in the body.

When can I start exercising after birth?
After six weeks of birth, the body has regained his normal, and can start a sports program approved by the doctor, be inclusive of all the muscles in the body with a focus on abdominal muscles, as well as the muscles of the lower back.

It was noted that many women suffer from pain in the lumbar region during the period of pregnancy and after birth, and this is due to excess weight in the abdominal area, putting a burden on the back muscles.

The lactating women suffer from pain in the shoulders and back This is to increase the amount of milk in the chest, thereby tightening the muscles of the shoulders forward and Erhgaha, Fmzawelp exercises to strengthen the muscles of the shoulders lessen the pain in that area and comforts.

Restore the fitness of women's health .. Postnatal
From errors common to most mothers that Inasrven fully after birth to care for their children, and does not Iern themselves some attention, especially in terms of increase in weight Akedzpinha during the months of pregnancy, the application of slimming programs immediately after birth easy, you will not be the case after a long time.

It is natural that the increase in weight during pregnancy because pregnant fetal growth, which can weigh with the end of pregnancy to about 3.2 kg, and the placenta, which weighs about half a kilogram, and increased uterine weight, which amounted to a kilogram, in addition to the increase in the weight of your breasts and in body fluids, and therefore approximately 70 to 90 per cent of women suffer from overweight after the birth.

And for many reasons, chief among them lack of moderation in dealing with their diets daily, and not to exercise any kind of sport specialized during pregnancy, and post-natal women live with anxiety and puzzled how to get rid of the extra kilos gained during pregnancy.

Obstetricians and Gynecologists recommend, usually starting in the application of slimming programs immediately after birth, and that is to consult a doctor and dietitian first, before the resumption of those programs, and put the following steps:
- Search for a desirable and fitness exercises in the fitness center close to home so as to allow for breastfeeding women to come and go easily.
- Would prefer to be post-natal exercise at a slow pace and gradually, especially if the women had never practiced sport during pregnancy.
- Wearing a special sports bra support breast-feeding was issued.
- To begin training is always a few minutes of heating, warm, and then walk normal, and ranging to more difficult exercises and stress, and also terminate the other a few minutes of cooling in slow motion.
- To be exercise, food regulation programs of a program designed to train nursing mothers.

Post-natal exercises
Here are some exercises that will help you to restore physical fitness: Start heating always exercises for five minutes, so as to extend the muscles and create the body and raising the temperature to be ready for work .. For example:
- Stand up straight and your shoulders in a circular motion motor in both directions.
- Tablet Bdhiraik in large districts.
- Lift your knees to annex the opposite.
- I walk or Arkdi in your place until you feel warm enough to begin exercise.

Walking for the treatment of depression
Walking is one of the easiest types of sports, and you can start slowly, then increase the speed gradually taking into account the tightening abdominal muscles inward and lift the chest up and open the shoulders with the integrity of the afternoon.

Start by walking for 15 minutes, and you can increase the duration and speed when you feel that your body has regained its strength and activity.

And brisk walking for 15 to 45 minutes a day improve your mood immediately, and if you are a recent physical exercise you may need to be some time before feeling better mood and vitality.

Studies indicate that persons practicing on a regular basis reap the following results:
- The feeling of physical and emotional relaxation.
- Mitigation of headaches and stomach pains and difficulty concentrating.
- Improvement in sleep and alleviate anxiety.
- Increased sense of self-confidence.
- The improvement of relations with third parties.

Swimming relieve arthritis
That swimming is one of the best sports, too, because they do not stress the joints and helps to tighten all the muscles in the body, and you can start with (20 minutes) to recover his body, strength and after several weeks you can increase the duration

Motherhood and pregnancy
280-day gestation period Puma or 40 weeks from the first day of the beginning of the last menstrual period may occur before birth or after the date two weeks earlier.

How to keep the mother on her health and the health of her fetus?
1 - you need the pregnant mother to a balanced diet rich in vitamins and minerals, especially iron.

2 - can exercise by doing domestic work and everyday functionality and simple mathematical exercises without fatigue.

3 - prefer to wear loose clothing and comfortable shoes, and choose cotton underwear.

4 - to sleep early and take a rest during the day.

5 - Maintaining personal hygiene at all times and take warm water baths, and if the skin tends to drought prefers the use of emollient creams after use

6 - see a doctor at least twice during pregnancy, and clean teeth daily.

7 - Not taking any medication without consulting a doctor, and not to be subjected to X-rays, especially during the first months of pregnancy.

8 - Take the tetanus vaccination (twice each month, and the dose is supported).

9 - Refrain from smoking and avoid places where there are smokers.

10 - stay away from children disease German measles and chicken pox.

11 - See your doctor every month during the period of pregnancy or maternity centers and child to ensure the safety of mother and child.

Minor inconveniences during pregnancy (symptoms associated with pregnancy)

1 - nausea and vomiting: the beginning of pregnancy but do not continue to exist more than the third month, and to overcome this could be dealt with a piece of dry bread or Alqracic or biscuits, and eat several small meals, avoiding fatty meals.

2 - heartburn (acid): frequently used in the last months of pregnancy due to weak stomach muscles during pregnancy and the slow passage of food to the intestines or returning to the top, and serve cold milk to drink and avoid foods that cause acidity

3 - Tumor feet: high-pressure fetal blood vessels emerging from the legs, especially during the last months of pregnancy, and to avoid this problem for pregnant women to decrease salt intake and avoid pickles, and get some rest during the day with the lifting of the feet to the top.

4 - back pain: and usually occur with pregnancy, and to alleviate this pain would prefer to do some simple exercises and stand or sit in an upright position, and the use of comfortable shoes, and do not carry all things heavy.

5 - anemia (anemia): The pregnancy increases from anemia and malnutrition if they were present before pregnancy, because of the needs of creating an embryo.

6 - swelling of the legs and Antfajha veins (varicose veins): due to the pressure of the fetus on the veins emerging from the legs, so you must raise the legs to the top of the periods during the day and avoid the use of narrow belts or socks narrow band, but in the case of increasing swelling and pain can be linked to bond rubber tends leg before sleep.

7 - Constipation: a common symptom in pregnancy, and should be avoided by drinking adequate amounts of water and eat fruits and foods rich in fiber, bran Kalkhaddrawat and exercise appropriate.

Signs of illness during pregnancy and requiring physician intervention

1 - even small amounts of bleeding during pregnancy, and this must rest in bed and call the doctor or midwife.

2 - severe anemia and symptoms of feeling very weak and pale face

3 - pre-eclampsia and occurs during the last three months of pregnancy, and symptoms of swelling in the feet, hands and face with a headache, dizziness, blurred vision, rapid increase in weight with high blood pressure and the appearance of albumin in the urine.

If these symptoms develop, they should rest, eat free of salt, and consult a doctor.

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