Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Hidden causes, leading to the expansion of the stomach and the emergence of rumen

Will identify the wrong types of exercise and the types of foods that cause the growth of harmful bad appearance of the abdomen.

Given to us by dietitians and personnel training (Mike Geary)
1 - Many of the foods that are called healthy foods and they are actually harmful to food but useless and unnoticed where it causes an increase in unhealthy fats in the body.

For example, foods sold in markets and it is written in the diet or (Diet) is in fact provide the body does not want, including fat and calories because they contain ink local industrial alcohol and sugars and other additives cause hormonal disturbances and chaos in your body, and stimulate the body to store fat more in the stomach and increase the desire for food.

As you should know that foods labeled as containing the whole grain without removing the cobalt-containing starch lead to a net increase of sugar in the blood sugar faster than normal, however the factory production to maximize profits without regard to physical damage, returning from their use.

2 - The abdominal exercises known to do and sit down as well as the machines allocated to it is the least effective way to get a tight stomach muscles.

3 - The recurrent and tedious exercise for the heart is not the best way to get rid of body fat.

4 - You do not need to be lost on the disks Omulk medical custom to burn fat as it really does not have any interest she recalls counterfeit drugs effect and similar formulations. And you should follow a special diet of normal nutrition.

5 - All belts and abdominal Rockers and tricks of trade are a waste of time, effort and money, what benefit the body is really effective exercise and nutrition real.

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