Saturday, October 17, 2009

Cancer risk of transmission from a pregnant woman to her baby

Scientists have evidence to prove the possibility of cancer transmission from pregnant mother to her unborn child.

The researchers said that there are medical cases are very rare injury to the mother and her unborn child the same type of cancer, but they added that in theory, the immune system of the child may succeed in preventing the disease.

However, the British research team found in one case a child has caused cells leukemia cells, which were not up to the only child from his mother.

He has been the subject of cancer transmission from pregnant mother to her fetus scientists over a century.

It is believed widely that any cell able to move beyond the placenta from mother to the child's blood stream will be able to the child's own immune system to get rid of them.

But there is a record of seventeen cases of mothers and children were the same type of cancer, especially leukemia and skin cancer.

And dealt with either one of the latest studies in Japan and her child who were wounded leukemia.

The researchers used advanced methods for analyzing genetic traits to demonstrate the transmission of cancer cells in the child with leukemia presented at the origin of the motherland.

The researchers found that the mother and child is merely mutated cancer genes are similar.

And worked as a research team was able to discover the extent of carcinogenic cells to overcome the immune system of children.

However, the cancer cells lacked a certain genetic traits, which played a key role in giving the molecular characteristics of these cells.

As a result of the absence of these molecular features, failed the child's own immune system to recognize that these cells are curious about the child's body, preventing the child's immune system from attacking these cells.

For his part, Professor Jerivez miles from the Institute of Cancer Research, "It seems this situation, and other cases, the mother inherited cancer, the mother of the cancer cells spread through the placenta to the fetus, which grows in the womb of his mother and succeeded in the culture of these cells as a result of being non-detectable by the immune system of children.

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