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Tips to prevent the risks of sun

Make the sun your friend , and I Will Tell You from smart of them to get skin beautiful and enjoy fun times with them, without neglecting your skin and exposed to risks. Dr. Laurence Kirwan Dr Kirwan Lawrance from London that answers all your questions aesthetic, with regard to your questions about the dangers of the sun and the importance of prevention.

What is the prevention of the sun?
Sun protection is simply to protect your body from the adverse effects of sunlight.

Apart from the risk of heat exposure to the sun may lead to the risk of combustion, which can permanently damage the skin and cause skin cancer, and changes on the skin, in addition to the appearance of wrinkles and early signs of progress in age. The exposure to the sun's ultraviolet radiation is a catalyst for the formation of skin cancers.

What is met with the Sun?
And the sun is met each article protecting skin from ultraviolet radiation. Available sunscreens are many and varied forms such as creams, gels, ointments, or spray that can be drawn on the skin.

The ointment, which can put him on the lips, eyelids, humidifier, which can Frckh on the skin, and sunglasses, which protect the eyes, and certain types of protective clothing from the sun, and the screen, which can be placed on the window of the car, or room, or office.

What is a sun protection factor of SPF?
The SPF is an abbreviation of the term sun protection factor, a number such as 15, or 30, or 50 refers to the length of stay there, and met with effective sun on the skin.

The user can select the duration of effectiveness once hitting a protection from the sun that it requires the length of time it takes for injury or burn without protective sun.

How to calculate the term of protection with a protective sun?
For example, a woman suffering in the habit of burning after 10 minutes without a shield of the sun. If you have developed a protective sun protection factor of 15, they will be protected for 150 minutes (10 minutes hit the sun protection factor 15).

Another example, a person suffering from burns after half an hour of exposure to the sun without a sun protector. He is also the development of protective sun-protection factor of 15, you'll be protected for 450 minutes (30 minutes hit the sun protection factor 15).

It is important to remember that these accounts can be effective only when it is developed and met the sun the right way. There is a common mistake occurs when you put a little too protective of the sun, which can significantly reduces the effectiveness of sun protection factor of the product.

It is recommended that about 5-6 teaspoons of the sun protector to cover the whole body. In addition, you must re-establish the sun protector every two hours when you stay in the open air for a long time.

We must also be developed and met the sun before going out to the open air are limited to up to half an hour.

Persons who suffer from sensitive skin and can burn quickly and must spend a lot of time outdoors, put a condom containing the sun protection factor 30 or more.

Are all sunscreens equally effective against UV radiation?
No. Some sunscreens only protect from one type of ultraviolet radiation, a UV "B".

There are other protectors protected from both types of ultraviolet radiation reaching the Earth from the sun, the ultraviolet B radiation, UVB, and ultraviolet A radiation, UVA.

It is recommended that everyone using sunscreens that protect against ultraviolet A and ultraviolet B radiation, and thus classified as having "broad spectrum".

How it works and sunscreens, and what are the ingredients in them?
Sunscreens containing zinc oxide or titanium dioxide for protection from ultraviolet A and B.

However, the zinc oxide UV hinder a greater degree than do titanium dioxide. Thus, the component of choice.

There are some chemical condoms from the sun, which can also hinder the infiltration of ultraviolet "A".

The Aloktosselln is a chemical substance known as Alsinamat which contains the properties absorbs ultraviolet A and ultraviolet B radiation.

How should the development and sunscreens on the skin?
There is a general rule provide for the good and generous amounts of sunscreens. Anyone who does so will receive full protection. Must be developed and met with the sun half an hour before sun exposure and out, to allow time to absorb the skin to the sun and the condom validity.

Does the water or sweat on the removal and met the sun?
Yes, so, you must re-establish the sun protector every two hours, at least when you stay abroad for a long time and after swimming or bathing, or excessive sweating, or drying the body with a towel or handkerchief. Are available in the market and sun protectors, waterproof and sweat. However, the protection will not last for long.

Can condoms cause sun sensitivity of the skin?
Yes, when some people, where the sun can raincoats containing acid Para - Omenobnzoat to increase the risk of burning rays of the sun.

There are other components in sunscreens can also increase the risk of skin sensitization in some people.

And that anyone can determine the appropriateness of a particular protective of the sun without risk of infection and causing significant harm through:
• wear a full and long.
• Develop and met with the sun on the part of the body assailed rays.
• If you receive sensitivity, one must not use the product again, and try other product.

Should everyone use to protect and met the sun?
As a general rule, should not be used and met the sun on the skin of children aged 6 months or less, because their bodies may not be able to withstand the chemicals in sunscreens. Instead, it must not be exposed to the sun.

It should be every person over the age of 6 months and met with the use of the sun on a regular basis, unless it decides otherwise, a doctor and that it is preferable to protect the skin in other ways.

Can you trust what is written on the covers of sun protection products?
This is not possible in the past. But in an attempt to make these packages more credible and useful, the Department for Food and Drug Administration FDA in 1999, new laws, which specializes in the sun Bwakiet sold without a prescription.

According to these laws barred companies from developing the allegations are not installed or installed an absolute or absolute such as "water resistant" and "protection throughout the day."

What kind of sunglasses that should be developed?
One has only to develop solar Zarat which provide 100% protection from ultraviolet radiation, as reflected on the character when you purchase.

Are protective sun protection is necessary in the winter?
Yes, the UV radiation, despite the lack of unity in the winter, still pose a threat, especially when the reflection of rays of ice. There is no safe period during the year when it comes to UV radiation.

Is Shield and sunglasses are good quality, are sufficient?
No, they are only one part of the program of protection from the sun. The program includes identifying the effective exposure to the sun and wearing protective clothing.

Why after exposure to the sun?
If your skin has been exposed to the sun without adequate protection, Pant was stained with the clear intention to distort the natural color, choose a correct damaged skin from the sun: NIA Sun Damage, which you get them exclusively from the clinic, Dr. Laurence Kirwan London Harleey St W1 56.

And containing lotion, cleaning and peeling and processing, as well as the cream Aldecoltaj patch day and night.

Better methods of prevention of burns resulting from exposure to the sun?
- Determine the time of exposure to the sun, especially between the hours of peak period between 10 am to 3 pm.
- Wear protective clothing, including shirt sleeves covering the arms and a long skirt or long pants.
- Use sunscreen to reduce the infiltration of the sun's ultraviolet radiation to the skin.
For the affected skin, then the woman experience a Nia Sun Repair

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