Sunday, October 18, 2009

To a more Youthful Appearance in The Fast Time

For a fresh complexion
For Max Delorme, no makeup heal the effects of age, be a potent skin without too wet.

This is why we work as a massage cream massage, so Nrdob skin and for the two color pink.

If the skin is very dry, you can resort to technical rescue on the way Bobbi Brown Put your liquid layer below the palliative balm essential elements of the vitamins and fine texture.

Karim basis for sensitive skin
Experts from the supporters of cream (less is more) recommend this cream which is concentrated in the Union of the skin with a cream for the skin dissolved in a few basis humidifier.

Usefulness of skin cream: it slips on the skin without leaving traces and increases the moisture Vthsalin to look bright, you can choose a degree lighter than the skin color to lighten the dark areas of the skin.
For you to open the skin in the dark areas.

This advice so as not to Jerone Sandevoir Taatothery by quality or quantity, it is recommended the work of the make-up in the light of day.

For the prevention of black halos around the eyes to look bright
We are used to develop creams, anti-black halos, Kkarim basis prior to the Foundation for the skin, but we prefer here to give a tinge of sparkle on the skin cream selection clause means full cream glow Shining.

Place it gently on the dark bottom of the eye and eyelids in motion in order to Tmlaiy circular blanks, if your eyes Gairtin you can choose the basis of the illuminated accents of cream in the corners of the eye internal and external areas below and above the eye lids.

A touch of magical powder foundation
Do I have a powder after the foundation? Question that arises for many of the ladies ..

For the fashion experts answer be in the negative .. If the skin is damp with the first, naturally, but if it is not bright can be done, and we can say yes to a light powder in a very transparent, just put them on the areas middle, which did not appear on the skin of any additions.

It also explains Jerome Sandevoir can put powder with a brush for a light layer, but it is shiny, powder instructive for skin and rosy color, which opens and maintains the skin glow are the most effective, and preferably used only during the night.

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