Sunday, October 18, 2009

Bundesliga Germany: Schalke win the first summit and issued a goalless draw on the second

The first summit was in the ninth stage of the German football with his host VfB Stuttgart 2-1 in the opening Saturday, finished second among the winners at home to Hamburg and Bayer Leverkusen tie zero - zero.

In the first game, a Croatian Ivan Rakitic Schalke team in the lead after opening a registry Pimenah after he sent a ball from inside the area to the top right corner of the keeper, former international away to Stuttgart, Jens Lehmann (24).

In the second half, he was able to modify the Brazilian cocoa outcome and re-Stuttgart into the match after seeing a ball of free kick, Julian Hayebr (73), but the joy did not last long as it allows the former international Kevin Kuranyi from the three points back for guests after just 3 minutes after he slid of the Brazilian Rafinha (76).

In the second, none of the teams adding the result to resolve their respective championship points tally to be 21 points with goal difference for the benefit of Bayer Leverkusen.

Bayern Munich and waited until the second minute and forty to open the scoring in the range of host Freiburg through youth international Thomas Mueller (42).

Consolidated and runners, who moved into fifth place and entered seriously compete with 18 points, by the gift in the second half of South Korea Cha Du - Ri, who tried to clear a carried out by Belgian Daniel van Buyten from a free kick situation is in the range of French goalkeeper Simon Poblan (68 ).

Freiburg and was able to return to the turn of the first-class score orphans in stoppage time by Stefan Raizingr (90 +2) without being able to tie it and the denial of the home the three points.

Benefited Werder Bremen, who has maintained fourth place, the low morale of the players at home to Hoffenheim after the failure of Brazilian Carlos Eduardo in the translation of a penalty obtained by compatriot Majkozuel after being roughness by goalkeeper Tim Weise (14), scored the first two goals of the Peruvian capital Claudio Pizarro, who followed the Turkish-born German soccer Mesut Ozel corner (18).

The second came after 4 minutes of Per Mertesacker made right from a tight angle against the crossbar after a free kick (22).

In the second half, none of the teams switch the result, despite the many opportunities that arose for them especially for Hoffenheim, who tried to succeed without amendment.

Gifted Bosnian Milivoj Novakovic the assistance of France's Fabrice Colin Aehrt his team three points after he scored his only goal in a goal at home to Mainz Benyamina shot from a tight angle (42).

And record the Greek Nikos Ibiropoulos goal first goal for Eintracht Frankfurt in the range of home follow-up header Hanover Football Steinhofer Marcos sent a corner kick (24).

In the second half, Czech Republic, Steiner returned to normal when things are leveled for guests with the support of Jan Rosenthal (68), but Alexander Meier re-apply for the hosts (74).

Nuremberg and the depth of the wounds of the lights to return home to Hertha Berlin last place with two goals to early taste of Swiss Avcthama Daniel Jigas right-wing shot from within the region (18), and his fellow Albert Boniako similar shot after the ball links from Mike Franz, who carried out the free kick (26).

In the second half, added the second goal Boniako personal and third for his team rocket from outside the area following a pass from Christian EGLER settled in the bottom corner Alesryi (60).

The round ends fullness champions Wolfsburg vs. Borussia Moenchengladbach, Borussia Dortmund and Bochum.

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