Saturday, October 17, 2009

Repeat the name of Allaah and reading the Koran dealing depression

Do You Know That Researcher Netherlands confirmed that the repetition of the word and reading the Koran Majesty treated depression.

Saudi Al-Watan newspaper reported that non-Muslim scholars at the University (Amsterdam) Dutch found that repetition of the word Majesty unload shipments of tension and anxiety in the process and restore calm to the situation of psychological and respiratory regularity.

The researcher that conducted the study over 3 years on a large number of patients were non-Muslims do not speak the Arabic, and the results were amazing especially for patients who suffer from severe cases of depression, anxiety and tension.

The researcher in a practical benefit of word pronunciation Majesty, Vhrv thousand emanating from the region above the region Alsdroi beginnings of breath, and causes repeated to regulate breathing and a sense of internal satisfaction.

The pronunciation of the letter is the result of rallying to put the tongue on the upper part of the jaw and touching, and this movement leads to stillness and silence of seconds or fraction of a second - with the rapid repetition - this momentary silence gives comfort in breathing, and distraction, which paved the character his character rallying strongly, leading uttered to a link between the lungs - the backbone of the respiratory center - and the heart, and lead to irregular heart beat normally.

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