Saturday, October 17, 2009

Do not pay any attention to the dictates of your magazines

Do You Know That In September Tstahedvk glossy fashion magazines, more than any other time, and all hope to weaken your opponent, whether thematic or declarations, the number of this month, the most important annual issues, as otherwise there was a movie inspired by a particular idea will soon be in the cinema world, traces the magazine «Vogue» U.S. during the preparation for it.

Important thing is that you reserve and strong arms in anti consists of three elements is to know the fashion trends, including what suits you and how you can manipulate them and to them, particularly that due caution should be given the power of persuasion and marketing, which used some of these magazines.

It can make you blind colors and forms easily, you consider yourself useless, without consciousness, the beauty in skirt blown with you you know that your form pear and you avoided, or are thinking about the acquisition of shawl-shaped hood, such as those deployed in the eighties and breathed a sigh of relief after her disappearance, back to their platforms offers «Missoni» and «Burberry» and others.

Here are some of the ideas on what you can Tsttmri it, and you need to avoid:
1 - bag in the form of a broad portfolio «Kllach» may be elegant, but it is not practical in the day, if you are a woman working and need to get a lot of purposes, it is best to set aside this design for the evening only.

2 - Anakouchet inspired by wildlife, especially animals, do not fit all. It is a wonderful woman blonde because it adds to a stunning, but black women, they need a personality and a lot of coordination to make it appear acceptable, if not essential, you need a piece of small ones, in the form of a shoe or handbag.

3 - pants narrow well, which appears as if made of leather or «BBC. In. CNN» Fashion impose itself, and shall be accompanied with this design is that you wear with a skirt or dress, and when Tnsaginh shoes with very high dimension, it takes a great aesthetic.

4 - wide pants lengths are also different fashion hot this season, some of them are quite long boot covers and some sitting a few inches above the ankle and is also a broad or story straight.

5 - shoulder-specific, with the help that you can Ketavat Tchigaha under any sweater or shirt, specify your shoulders and gives you a touch of military force and inspiration, if you're soft, you Bctavat small, but if your neck was short, Vtjnbhe completely, and do not forget in all cases to determine, waist belt , because the appearance is inspired by the eighties, do not forget blown hair that needs to be a good amount of «Sbrai» installer, it will not appeal to environmentalists, of course, but give the impression that your body is thinner than it is.

6 - This is the season of shopping for a sleek coat, and although there are several designs you can choose from, and above all detailed on the body belt or specific, but it must be said that the coat might seem very broad, too great .. But a woman a long time, Vtjnabih If you are soft and small.

7 - the jacket detailed, fits all if you select a sleek design and raw materials, good, it suggests force, as it was remarkable and gives your body a lot of elegance and femininity because it highlights the beauty of the waist.

8 - along with the skin, known as velvet cloth significant recovery after Iihath get rid of the old negative, thanks to young designers like Francisco Costa, Calvin Klein designer house or Christopher Kane, but it is suitable for evening dresses and evening more.

9 - Canvas Dinm also important this season, thanks to Dar es «Balman», which were wonderful Trousers him, some of them studded with Swarovski stones, but it is not about pants, but also Paljakaitat, which seems reasonable, especially if it is without sleeves , if you Tmlkin jacket from an old Dinm, all you need is to get rid of the sleeves and coordination with a short skirt and thick socks and leather boots covering the ankle.

10 - Tweed cloth is also strong, thanks to Dar es «Chanel» living full throttle this season, in addition to the films of Ms. Coco Chanel, most shops are competing to put a similar cut for the presentation of the front page of Lagerfeld in recent seasons, mainly shops «Zara».

Tweed and because of the most important elements that go back to the house, he must also be an important element of this winter, but it is important to Takhtar Talpsih light and not from your head to the soles of your feet, but systemic with other pieces.

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