Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Loss of some of the excess kilograms ease the choking during sleep

WASHINGTON - The modern medical study revealed that the loss of some of the excess kilograms among the people who suffer from bouts of suffocation in breathing Otinaalnom help greatly to alleviate the pathological phenomenon.

Study confirms beyond doubt the importance of losing excess weight or number of kilograms to improve significantly the phenomenon of the suffocation breathing during sleep.

The research Kdojerit the two groups of patients suffocation Otinaalnom Ofradalaoly sport where he regularly with the loss of some Cleogramat trailing at the time did not change the members of the second daily routines with their commitment to address Alakakiralamaaljp to a pathological condition.

The follow-up to Ofradalaoly succeeded in alleviating these bottlenecks by 5.13%, compared with 5.3% for the second Afradalmjmuap who confine their medicine on the medical Akir.

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