Sunday, October 18, 2009

Tweddle shines in the competition land movements, serious injury to Ortiz (Gymnastics)

London, Oct 18 (Reuters Arabic) - Britain's Beth Tweddle won the contest earth movement in the world gymnastics championships on Sunday, but the celebration of the center while the audience stops quoted Colombian Jessica Gil Ortiz rushed to hospital due to suspicion of being shot in the neck.

Tweddle and led a series of complex movements to achieve an easy win over Australia's Lauren Mitchell, where I got 14,650 points. Mitchell and got 14,550 points to win the silver while China has made only if the bronze medal after receiving 14,300 points.

Tweddle happily jumped to hit the air Bakdtiha after it ended its paragraph is interesting to its knees but the deafening silence prevailed in the room after that Belhtat Ortiz, when she fell and hit the back of her head to the ground.

And after that a medic rushed to help her around the neck brace Ortiz Colombian quoted her on a stretcher while competitors Tnzern stood in a state of shock. And stopped the contest for about 15 minutes to determine the extent of the injury.

But shortly after Ortiz left the hall, officials said "it was taken to hospital, but the initial diagnosis said the injury is not very serious."

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