Tuesday, October 20, 2009

The timing of eating affects body weight gain or not

WASHINGTON - A study conducted by the University (Northwestern), Illinois United States and published in the magazine (obesity) that the timing of eating a big impact on increased body weight or not.

Said Diana Arpels President of the research team said in a statement reported by Radio (SAWA) American: - "It was our focus on working in shifts, where they often tend to obesity, which led us to think that eating at the wrong time may be a factor in weight gain" .

For his part, said Fred Turek of the Center (Northwestern) to sleep and the biology of the body clock: "The how and why weight gain is complicated, but it is clear that it is not just a matter of calories consumed by the body."

The recent studies have shown that the biological clock of the body play a role in how the body to drain energy, but it was difficult even now to prove it accurately.

Scientists and resolve to deepen their studies on how this influence, and believed that sleep, hormones and body temperature plays a role in how the body to gain excess weight.

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