Tuesday, October 20, 2009

A new study linking the use of mobile brain cancer

A new study shows that the use of mobile phone (mobile) for long periods associated with the development of brain cancer in addition to the damage in tissues, and led the study, one of the largest surgical world, namely Australia, "Fini Quarna" who stated that exposure to many of the mobile phone radiation has negative effects on the body.

According to Dr. Quarnr, the tumors usually take about 10 years to develop, studies have shown that a few people have been injured because of brain cancer using a mobile for more than 10 years.

Dr. Quarna for the Independent newspaper in London: "This is a much larger threat to humanity Alasptos and the risk of smoking," This assessment is based on the number of people who use mobile now more than 3 billion people, and this number is greater than the number of smokers around the world Smoking kills five BILLION people each year and the number of much less exposed to the deadly effects of Osptos.

The Quarna that radiation emitted from mobile phones could lead to a rise in temperature near the ear of the speaker, which interacts with the brain power leads to some damage, as well as connect to Bluetooth is not good for the brain.

And conducted by Dr. "Quarna" show for 15 months to more than 100 previous studies involving the effects of mobile phone on the brain, has concluded that it must move away from mobile phone whenever possible.

On the other hand called on governments and industry to reduce mobile phone radiation because of gravity, said in the case of failure to act in this, the death rate will rise due to brain cancer has risen dramatically in the next ten years at this stage will be too late to intervene, he said in the period 2008-2012 targets will be monitoring the impact of mobile technology at the global level for cancer of the brain.

Dr. Quarna has won 14 scientific awards in the last 16 years, with many writings in many different scientific journals, has published the results of this study is also important everywhere and acknowledged that the mobile is very important in many critical situations and said that all the evidence confirms the relationship between radiation and brain cancer, said that the diagnosis of a brain tumor is a diagnosis of death.

The study condemned mobile and considered more dangerous than cigars and pipes and all kinds of smoking, however, rejected the Australian Communication Quarnr proposal to build a mobile communications network for the science-based health has said some of the research that exposure to radio waves may have adverse effects on health severely.

According to the World Health Organization there is a need for more research over the coming years to make a full assessment of health risks to humans.

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