Friday, October 9, 2009

medical makeup for scars

Makeup that cover pox scars and acne scars are a great fix for people who are conscious about unsightly scars borne from chicken pox and acne on their faces. Nobody wants to be sporting these scars on their faces, and to treat them would usually entail expensive medical procedures such as laser treatments. But a more affordable quick fix is right at their fingertips - one simply has to know some techniques in applying makeup to be able to conceal these scars effectively.

How Do You Use Makeup To Cover Scars?

There are some simple techniques to use with makeup products that can essentially cover those pox and acne scars. No, makeup won't treat the scars, but they are an effective and quick fix when you need to conceal them.

1. Foundation: With a color match to your skin, foundation applied over the face in a thin layer is the first step in concealing scars. Foundation is blotted onto the skin with a sponge to achieve the best coverage without discoloration.

2. Concealer: The next strategy for makeup that cover pox scars and acne scars is by utilizing concealers, which are applied after putting on foundation. This will prevent discolorations from becoming visible. Get a concealer that is a great match for your skin tone, and apply it around the areas with the scars to reduce their overall visibility.

3. Highlighting: This is a technique that draws attention to other positive features, and hence, away from the areas with scars that you want to conceal. This usually involves using a light, often shiny powder applied strategically to certain parts of the face, such as the inside portion of the eyelid, right below the eyebrows, and the upper part of the cheekbone.

4. Accenting: A technique similar to highlighting, accenting helps the user make their best facial features more prominent, effectively drawing attention away from spots that they want to be concealed. An example of this is using eyeliner and eye shadow to make others notice captivating eyes, or using bold lipstick to draw focus to great lips.

Using Makeup to Work Magic

Makeup's main goal is not to remove scars, but they can be put to great use to conceal scars. Learning to apply makeup that cover pox scars and acne scars provides you with a viable alternative for a quick and easy beauty fix, as opposed to getting dermatological treatments.

Surgical procedures such as laser treatments are expensive, and because applying makeup can be an essential part of one's daily regimen, taking a little time to apply the techniques can effectively conceal acne and chicken pox scars and making them barely noticeable is a small price to pay. Coupled with a proper skin care routine and these makeup techniques, people who are conscious of their acne or pox scars get a boost in their appearance and their confidence without putting a dent in their finances.

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