Friday, October 2, 2009

Facial hair removal tips

Some women do also have hairs on face and unnecessary hair growth on the face is mainly bothersome to women. This may be the result of some hormonal disorder. Tumors arising in the ovaries, adrenal glands and other endocrine organs have sometimes added to this problem. But in most cases there is not exact reason for excessive growth of hair.

The more familiar hair removal methods include low-priced options such as shaving and depilatory creams. Shaving of course, is an efficient facial hair remover in that it dapper the hair off at skin level, leaving a smoother surface for about twenty-four hours. It's fast, easy and tremendously inexpensive. The problem with shaving is that it doesn't last long at all and the hair often grows back thicker than before.

Another method is by using electrolysis, but this is a dreary process. Little electrical shocks are instilled into each hair follicle through a needle, killing the hair root and putting off reappearance. You may need several treatments before you can see any real results. Laser is normally a permanent method of hair removal but the hair that responds best to laser treatment is dark, thick hair on lighter skin. It can be expensive and protracted. The method of tweezing is good, though somewhat aching way to remove small areas of unwanted facial hair. Because the hair is plucked out at the root, it takes longer to reappear.

Using creams, gels and lotions, which contain a chemical that modify the construction of the hair for easy removal. This chemical can be irksome to skin, so use only a product especially formulated for the face. Waxing can be used to achieve the purpose but it is not recommended for sunburned or irritated skin.

And a few home-made remedies will really help you wiping off unwanted hairs. Prepare a mixture by adding turmeric and some curd and apply to the face. It is an effective remedy for the removal of facial hair. Add a little turmeric to the gram flour and water. The hair will come out. Lemon is natural bleach, so apply that with an equal amount of honey and leave on for ten to fifteen minutes. Do this everyday. When bathing, apply soap and scrub. This will take some time, but with patience your hair will gradually reduce and diminish. Mix lemon, sugar, and honey in a bowl. Heat it on high for about 2-3 minutes, until it bubbles into a smooth uniformity. Stretch a thin layer. Cover with a strip of fabric, and rasping the strip the reverse way of hair growth, about 3 times. Grab the fabric end and pull it off very quickly against the direction of the hair growth. This is an effective home remedy for hair removal.

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