Sunday, October 11, 2009

The 10 Best Marathons to Run In

on our site.The best marathons are those who are easily accessible and well planned with adequate information and very good infrastructure. Security is another important factor that a good marathon is expected to provide. Here is a list of the ten best marathons in the world worth participating in. The first five marathons described below are part of the World Marathon Majors competition and have their prize money at a million dollars.

1. New York City Marathon - Described as the "The World's Most Human Race", the New York City Marathon attracts over 37,000 participants each year from over 40 countries. The New York City Marathon boasts prize money of $600,000 and about two millions spectators that line the route. The marathon also enjoys coverage from the world media reaching out to more than 300 million TV viewers.

2. The London Marathon - This marathon was first inspired by the New York Marathon, but has surpassed it in terms of a beautiful course and meticulously executed planning. The list of participants is growing each year and the marathon has hosted over 35,000 runners in the last few runs.

3. The Berlin Marathon - The Berlin marathon draws in large crowds and it was estimated that over 35,000 people competed in the race in 2008. The winner of the first Berlin Marathon that was held in 1974 is still a participant in the run to this date. This speaks volumes about the race from a participant's perspective.

4. The Chicago Marathon - The Chicago marathon re-invented itself after a few lows to become one of the best in the world. The course facilitates speed, making it a special attraction for participants.

5. The Boston Marathon - The Boston marathon is set apart by its high standards in terms of qualifications required. This marathon offers a fast paced course and very good crowd support. It is a matter of prestige to be able to participate in this run.

6. The Honolulu Marathon - This race attracts about 30,000 participants to Hawaii every year and the scenic beauty of the course is especially enticing.

7. The Stockholm Marathon - This race attracts an average of 12,000 participants every year.

8. Paris Marathon - The race enjoys a scenic course and a lot of media coverage. It has 20,000 participants.

9. The Rotterdam Marathon - With 10,000 participants, the Rotterdam course is flat like the rest of the country.

10. The Dubai Marathon - Like the region that hosts it, the Dubai Marathon is small but one of the richest marathons in Asia with prize money of $500,000 and a world record bonus of a million dollars while the number of participants is about 2,000.

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